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Sacred Alignment Meditation

Sacred Alignment Meditation Surya

Sacred Alignment Meditation Surya

This guided Meditation aligns the subtle bodies and chakras and brings self-consciousness.

It is part of the individual session of the Sacred Healing of the Feminine, available for men and women, held only in the Ashram.


We have one physical body and several subtle bodies, we are much more spirit than matter, however, we do not validate our spirit, much less the alignment between these bodies. This misalignment causes disassociation between thinking, speaking and acting. Many of our misfortunes come for this reason.


Through this meditation of Sacred Alignment, we are able to make the connection of our physical body with our subtle bodies, discovering the cause and effect and the possibility of self-knowledge, becoming aware of your energetic, spiritual imbalances, to align them daily, through  the power of your will.


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