Water Blessing Ceremony

The prayer, made with full devotion, love and faith anchors the energy of the Divine Love and Gods Grace descends.



This ceremony, conducted by Surya, is guided through her Faith and Love of God, knowing that all human beings are brothers and sisters and have the right to receive this Divine Grace, that heals both physical and emotional bodies and aligns the subtle body. These ceremonies are offered throughout the year, in the Ashram and also in other places. (The dates are posted here as they are scheduled). Everybody is welcome, regardless religion or personal beliefs, because it is for everybody who has God in their hearts.

In the beginning of the session Surya explains why human beings need to hydrate the physical body with water. There are many benefits in acquiring this habit, including healing and preventing illnesses, that way improving health and life quality. It is asked that you put your right hand wherever you need healing, being it physical or emotional, or on your heart, accepting the cure. It is common for some people to receive a vision moments of his/her life that need forgiveness/healing/love.

After the initial talk, Surya concentrates, getting in touch with her Divine Presence to open the heart and ask for the compassion of the Divine Grace to bless the water and all participants. The water naturally conducts electricty and energy, thus absorbing the power of the prayer.
SURYA DOESN'T BLESS THE WATER, GOD DOES! The prayer, made with full devotion, love and faith anchors the energy of the Divine Love and descends God´s Grace. At this moment, everyone receives as much healing as they are already open/ready to at this time in their lives.

This water may be taken home and given to family, friends, plants and animals. When the bottle is half empty, you fill it up again, so the energy contained in the blessed water is transferred to the molecules of the water that was added.

It is a gesture of love that only demands Faith and Acceptance! Faith that you can be or receive your cure, and Acceptance to be cured!

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