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Divine Plan

We all have a Divine plan for our physical existence.

Surya discovered hers, through total surrender to God and Gratitude for feeling Him in her heart. She opened up her field completely for God to guide her, in this way, she follows her heart, manifesting physically, the Divine force, for the construction of the Ashram. On this Sacred Ground, through visions, dreams and intuition, she receives the next steps to be fulfilled and manifested in matter.

The Divine Plan for Surya determines for this existence, so far, to serve with healing through Blessed Water, Sacred Alignment Meditation,  Sacred Healing of the Feminine (untying knots of the past), Spiritual Surgery and eternally working for the Greater Good .


The Ashram nourishes the idea of altruism being a grand tool of spiritual evolution.


How the Ashram came about

The Ashram began to appear to Surya through dreams and visions.

Learn more about this story in the videos below (English version coming soon).

Parte 1

Parte 2


Blessed Water


Prayer with devotion, love and faith, anchor the energy of Divine love in the water.
Facilitates healing in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body.

The blessing of the water is a channeling of energy from the divine love received by Surya. Through prayer with devotion, love and faith, she anchors this energy of Divine love that descends, above all, the GRACE OF GOD. At this time, everyone is given the level of healing they able receive in this period of their lives.


This water can be taken and offered to family, friends, plants and animals.

When in the middle, the container can be filled with more water. The energy contained by the blessing is renewed and is transmitted to the water molecules that have been add.

It is a gesture of Love that only requires FAITH and Acceptance! Faith that it is possible or to receive healing and acceptance of being healed.


Holistic Center of Vibrational Healing


This spiritual hospital was received by Surya in Germany after a Water Blessing ceremony.

She enters into a state of grace after each blessing and on this day she heard: "Now you will build a hospital and nothing will lack" ...

After this message, 3 years passed so that she could receive, completely, the whole Divine Plan for the Hospital.

All the visions of physical dependencies, as well as the instructions for the Spiritual Surgeries, Crystals Beds and use of the Blessed Water, came gradually, composing the Divine determination.

Much surrender, determination, faith and love build this holistic and spiritual healing center, completely free of charge.

All are Welcome!

Help us to realize this Divine Plan!
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Crystal Beds

The crystal beds, channeled by Surya, form the beginning of the Holistic Center of Vibrational Healing - HOSPITÁGUA.

In these crystals beds we receive healing by the loving union of spiritual beings (entities that compose the healing egregore of the holistic hospital) and the elemental beings that accompany all the crystal, harmonizing, balancing, cleaning and transmuting discordant energies in us.

In this energetic harmony of crystals and spiritual healing entities we receive the great benefit of balance on the three levels, spiritual, mental and physical, according to our merit and acceptance.

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