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Holistic Center of Vibrational Healing




Learn more about our HospitÁgua, Holistic Center of Vibrational Healing, located in São Roque, Brazil.


This is a place for one to connect with God within, based to build a more harmonic World, through the healing of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, aiming to restore the wholeness of being.

R$ 69.157,00

Raised from the goal of

R$ 490.134,00

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Help us realize this Divine Plan!

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"This is not a religious, but a SPIRITUAL CAUSE". 

This campaign is extremely important to make the HospitÁgua come true and support several people in their healing process. We are grateful for all of those that have already collaborated to make out of this Divine Plan a reality.


The HospitÁgua project is very expensive. Nowadays, most of the money made by Surya and Chandra Lacombe with the self-awareness awaking service, individual and in group, is spent to keep the Ashram running. Thus, sponsored only by them it would take several years to get concluded .


This is a mission in which all of us work together as collony. If everybody brings a small contribution, we are going to be able to build it in a short period of time. Note that HospitÁgua is a non profit center and all the activities will be free of charge.

The realization has already begun!

Learn more about Crystal Beds that are already available free of charge.

The crystal beds, channeled by Surya, form the beginning of the Holistic Center of Vibrational Healing - HOSPITÁGUA.

In these crystals beds we receive healing by the loving union of spiritual beings (entities that compose the healing egregore of the holistic hospital) and the elemental beings that accompany all the crystal, harmonizing, balancing, cleaning and transmuting discordant energies in us.

In this energetic harmony of crystals and spiritual healing entities we receive the great benefit of balance on the three levels, spiritual, mental and physical, according to our merit and acceptance.

Surya e Chandra introduction video

What is the HospitÁgua goal? 

During a Water Blessing Ceremony held in Germany, Surya was praying and asking for the healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual mankind nodes when she heard the God's voice: "Now, you are going to build a hospital and no resources will lack for you".

Over one year after this ceremony, Surya begged God and spirituality for more information about the hospital during her prayers. So, visions, such as images flashes, launched and with her intuitive mediumship, the visions became more constant, until she could see the entire hospital built, including the key details of the structure that are important and make a difference in construction.

She was also guided by this intuitive process to select the right stones that are necessary for the spiritual work at the crystal rooms. 

This intuitive process also guided her in the selection of the stones that compose the Crystal Beds.

What type of healing does the HospitÁgua offer?

Who are the recommended patients?

The healing can be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional. Since only God knows what is the knot source that moors, unbalance and may cause illness to the patient, Surya will acclaim both to God and to Spirituality to untie these knots and let these patients conscientiously continue their lives, lapidating and fixing whatever is needed for their happiness.

A wealth person brings happiness to their surroundings and harmonizes the world with their energy.

The hospital is recommended to all of those who feel and want to come. Everyone will be welcome to your healing process.

How does the healing process work?

The full spiritual procedure lasts five days, from Monday to Friday. The person will be staying at the Ashram during this time. For the first three days, the treatment will have blessed water, planned sessions with videos and Crystal Bed therapies, to harmonize and raise awareness to the reasons of the person imbalance. On Thursday, there will be spiritual surgery and on Friday it will be a recovery day. On that last day, food will consist only of teas, raw foods and blessed water. On Saturday the patient will be able to return to his/her home, with all the spiritual process carried out.

The more you collaborate, the closer we will be to building the Hospital and transforming it into reality!


The sooner we can get it working, the more people can benefit.

HospitÁgua building project detail:

Aiming the transparency of this campaign and of the entire hospital construction process, below follows the planning of this project.

The success of this campaign will allow the construction of a website to monitor the entire work. In addition, all are invited to visit the Ashram and participate in this material construction, which seeks a better world.

All the money raised will be applied in this project.

HospitÁgua blue print:

Estimated costs for the construction of the HospitÁgua per phase:

The first project phase has already been implemented and below are the three budgets made for the second phase:

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