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The Ashram

We are conduct by an environment of great faith, together with nature, propitious to deep contemplation, interiorization and self-knowledge, to create within each heart the omnipresent consciousness of God acting through everything and everyone.


The concept of Ashram comes from India. It's a place where spiritual seekers may get in touch with their inner selves and follow the path of self-knowledge. 


In our Ashram the seeker can find psycho-emotional and spiritual support, in our daily meetings, during meals and Seva, with Surya and Chandra. There is the possibility of individual sessions of Musical Oracle (with Chandra or Chandra and Surya), Sacred Cure of the Feminine (Surya), studies about mediunism (with Surya) and assistance with physical and emotional healing with water blessed by God, offered by Surya through her prayer to God and laying of the hands.

Words of Faith and Devotion

Ashram Matri Surya Linha Unificada  is open to all those interested in this journey.

With this purpose, we seek to bring more consciousness to the present moment, generating more harmony and truth in life – your Divine Presence in action, ruling your choices, avoiding your unconsciousness from taking over due to injuries in your soul, which may have happened at some point on your spiritual journey.

An unique moment that Surya sits to share hers spirituality. Every Sunday, from 10AM to 12PM, during the time that Surya is in Brazil.

This commitment is with the spirituality that accompanies Surya, to ask questions, share moments, share  experiences, and love..

Everyone is very welcome and there is no cost whatsoever.

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About the idealizers

Being that expresses faith, love, courage, acceptance and total surrender to the highest purposes of God.

Her faith elevates her to God. This love for spirituality comes from her family, where she received from her parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles the support needed from an early age to express gestures and deeds, all love for God, working for a greater good.

When Surya was asked “why live like this, in this complete donation”, she responds with a smile on her face: "If you see someone who is struggling to cross the street, will you not help? In the same way if someone needs some help to get through a difficult time in life, if I can, I will help".

​"Life is short, and we need union with God in every momen, to do for our neighbor what is within our reach. We are one, a unit, humanity, What you do for the other, you do for yourself. Your spirit is grateful for the evolution you provide yourself. "

These are phrases that demonstrate this dedication and love for the Greater Good through evolution.

Chandra Lacombe

Musician-yogi who throughout his journey sought to unify teachings from various spiritual schools.


For more than 20 years he has been developing a method of self-knowledge that is used through music to inspire a dive in the direction of the revelation of the individual's inner layers. Alongside Surya forms a partnership that enriches the methodological basis of transformation of consciousness offered by the Ashram.

The Ashram also offers:

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