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Sacred Healing of the Feminine

...a rescue of Self Love.



The Sacred Healing of the Feminine is a work directed to women and men, through the Divine inspiration of my SOUL.

Using intuition, Chinese medicine, esoteric knowledge, energetic and spiritual, dealing objectively and inductively, the "knots" that we bring in spirit, responsible for pain, repetitive cycles, disorder in romantic andor family relationships, finances, physical and emotional health, vicious cycles of all types, depression, anguish, sexual blockages are what become impediments to live a happy and prosperous life.


How the session works

We begin with a Meditation of the Sacred Alignment, during which the subtle bodies and Chakras (energetic centers) are aligned, reuniting all the energetic potential in favor of healing, absorbing Blessed Water for harmonizição of the Soul, waking up the senses and bring confidence in the present moment, for the explanation of the questions to be addressed.

Maturation of your illusory fantasies about what it is to "BE A WOMAN" and aspects of the Feminine to be reoriented.


Opening and stimulation of energetic centers, with subtle touch (if necessary), which are closed due to repressed emotions and mistaken beliefs of your feminine, due to old marks contained in the spirit.

Foto 29_edited

Foto 29_edited

Opening space for a deep dive in yourself, rescuing the “Sacred Healing of the Feminine,”, a perfect balance between feminine and masculine within you

This sowing brings, for a second phase, the full harvest of its revelations and surrender to the process, so that  Circle of Crystals is formed. This creation generates a reading of the crystals used and clues to be investigated.

Realized in a hut, in the open air, with bare feet, to be in contact with Earth and inside a Circle of Crystals with the blessing of the Divine Mother, your guidance comes!

Awaken your self-knowledge and integration of both your physical and emotional pain, so to be turned into self-love, initiating the path to your Integral-Self realization.

The duration  of the session is 4h, from 8am to 12pm, Monday to Friday, scheduled in advance.

Some suggestions for harmonious realization of the Sacred Healing.

       Light-colored clothes, ideally white, to favor the entrance of healing energies and spiritual guidance. Give preference to this type of color for the session and always in your life.

       Bring a coat, since we will be in a hut in nature and it is very windy here.

       In the beginning we will stand barefoot on the ground, strengthening the connection with Mother Earth, nature inside of us, so do not use stockings.

       Our emotions tend to be stuck in the first 3 chakras, so do not wear tight clothes below the waistline, allowing air and energies to flow freely through your Being.


Investment: R$ 1.150,00




May the Divine Grace open your path for the Sacred Healing of the Feminine!



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